Discovering Your Essence

‘Have It Your Way’ Coaching / Individual 60 Minute Live Sessions

Service includes live 60 minute coaching consultations.  Open access for questions concerning any of your needs.

You’ll get:

  • One on One Attention
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Quick Turnaround
  • ‘Do Now’ recommendations
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Strengthening Your Essence

For the true Liver, lover,

and leader at heart.

The 8 week Signature Program based on principles from Fila’s acclaimed book, “Strengthening Her Essence: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation through Truth”.  This program gives you the most time and attention for the best possible results.  Intense and solution driven.

It includes digital download of e-book with character analysis, 4 pillars, key principles, roadmap, a vision for life worksheet, and 8 weekly exercises PLUS live, one on one weekly 60 minute coaching sessions with Fila.

Together we will go over:

  • What’s been holding you back
  • How to discover your why
  • What has happened to the passion in your life
  • How to find the power in your pain
  • The blueprint for creating healthy relationships
  • How to live life ON PURPOSE
  • And so much more

This is the program for you ONLY if you are willing to dare to live a life of more.  If you have the courage to act on your dreams of more authentic love, more fulfilling work, more nourishing relationships, more time for self care, and more access to what you want most — THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

More awaits…

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Book Me As Your Speaker!

Original content may be created and customized for your audience and preference Or Choose from the list below:

Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Trauma – this talk focuses on moving past the hurt, conquering the victim mentality, and leading a life of healthy love and relationships.

Detoxifying Your Life – we all need to take time to detox.  This talk addresses the toxicity that exists within our bodies, minds, and souls – and the way it manifests in our day to day experiences.

Breaking The Cycle – talk focuses on breaking intergenerational patterns and pathologies that are threatening your overall happiness and wholeness.

The Power Of Your Pain – Pain hurts but it can often lead to pleasure if we harness the lesson and use its power for good.  This talk discusses the power of taking control of your life and narrative as a way to heal your past pains and help others do the same.

The Journey to More – we all want more but it is a process and the sooner we learn that, the easier the journey becomes.  This talk aims to help listeners realize their ability to create a life of MORE in all areas of their lives.

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