“My story is one that includes sexual abuse, abandonment, and broken heartedness.  For a time I followed a pattern that stemmed from dysfunctional habits and behaviors. At one point, this pathology defined my life’s course—dragging me from one negative emotion and undesirable outcome to another. I had unanswered questions, unrequited love, unfulfilled desires and untapped power. Internally, I was battered and wounded—unaware of my own ability to repair and replenish myself.  And just then, in that dark space I found the light switch that would take my life from unbearable pain to everlasting pleasure and I chose triumph over tragedy.”

– Fila Antwine

Fila is a woman who has taken life by the reigns, rode a bumpy course and continuously comes out victorious. Despite unhealthy relationships with “lovers”, family and friends, and regardless of the ill-fated cards life has sometimes dealt her, Fila has managed to maneuver and re-direct her life’s compass so that no matter where she goes, or what she faces, she manages to be headed in the right direction.

Fila doesn’t believe in hiding in life’s shadows. To her, there’s no such thing as giving up without a fight and also believing in what you’re fighting for.  Through her personal development practices that she now shares with her clients, she has created a path lined with abundant love, meaningful living and unquestioned leadership.  For Fila, life has become the source of joy that she always dreamed it one day would be.

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