I was instantly drawn to Fila vie her Instagram page.  Her posts were always positive and uplifting.  It’s those posts that inspired me to contact her about working with our group.  In speaking to her, I knew it was a good idea, because we connected immediately. She has helped me refocus and get back on track for my personal and professional goals.  Her gentle prompts really make you open your eyes for yourself and put a new perspective on life.  Thank you Fila, for being open and willing to take this journey with me.

Michelle Kernisan, Certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness practitioner

Fila’s work encompasses the very essence of what it means to step outside of oneself and become the true essence of who we really are knowing that we are powerful beyond all we could have imagined…  She’s helped me see the light when all I could do was focus on dark places.. Her natural ability to offer a voice and answer to your inner most questions while encouraging courage, strength, and growth to answer it with truth for yourself speaks volumes to the fact that this is not work for her, but her gift!  Her calling from God!


Fatima S., Legal Professional

I have often wondered what the hell am I doing wrong in relationships that I don’t have that happily ever after. During Fila’s workshop I realized it wasn’t always that I was doing something wrong I was just loving the wrong individuals and in order for me to truly find the love I deserve I would first have to completely and whole heartedly fall in love with every aspect of ME! Learning the new love language of I am enough to be loved. Thank you Fila 

Lanier Logan,
Business Strategist

I was hesitant to work with a coach because I didn’t want to take a real look at myself.  But Fila touched my soul upon our first meeting and I knew I needed to work with her.  From the first session I knew I had made the right decision.  I was instantly blown away.  I started this journey because I thought I wanted to find a man to love but instead I’ve found out how to love myself in ways I never knew possible.  My entire life has begun to change thanks to Fila’s coaching and help.

Latoya C.

Praise – for ‘Strengthening Her Essence: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation through Truth”


First book I’ve read in ten years or more and it was worth it! Fila, speaks directly to the reader letting you know that you are responsible for all that is going in your life and it is up to you to change it. Her writing is in simple form and this helps you get right to the heart of the matter. I am not only a supporter of her work but a student and I look forward to learning and growing with Fila as she continues to work towards her mission in life. Books speak to us and it was no accident that I read it when I did.

– Jennifer S.


Looking in the mirror and facing your truths is not easy. Fila McMillan-Antwine gives you the tools to do just that in Strengthening Her Essence. This brief but bold guide to liberation is so essential for any woman willing to do the work to become a better her. Like the author says, “we all have issues” and Strengthening Her Essence encourages you to own your issues and then do something about it. I love the way the author steers clear of clinical jargon and lays it out for you in plain everyday language that anyone can relate to. I highly recommend this book.

– Latima J.

Fila is the truth! This book was awesome. I felt as if Fila was speaking directly to me. Well written, easy to read, kept me wanting to read more. We as women need this kind of empowerment in our every day lives. Great Job Fila!! I will be looking forward to more of your work. I also can’t wait to see you in action.

Devitta J.

A must for all women! This book is life-changing and highly relevant for all women from all walks of life. Every women should own this book and pass it down to their daughters.

-Heather Hines

A book every woman should read!
– Ebony S. stills